Saturday, 31 October 2015

My first post

My mad quilting friend of over 15 years, Maggie has been at me to start a blog.... so here it is. She is way more talented with these technical things than I am, but I will learn as I go, please be patient with me.
 So where do I start?
My creativity is just starting to come back to me after a totally different kind of  adventure had managed to take  all of my time and efforts, but now with loads of free time and a clearer head, I am keen to resume my creative journey. Since resuming my visits to our small quilting group in July and joining bloglovin', and being overloaded with quilting videos from Maggie,  inspiration has taken hold in every form and I find myself back at the whirring machine pushing colourful fabric pieces under it's foot at a rapid rate. With a new mantra of "Finished is better than perfect"
Here are some of my projects since July.

Amy Butler's Weekender Bag - called "Africalian"
A gift for my South African Aussie friends Birthday

I then had to follow on with one for me. I love the way they both turned out and although a little challenging in certain spots I enjoyed the whole process - especially the quilt as you go on all of the panels. Great way to use up scraps!!!

Just for me

Along with starting new projects, I have pledged to sort out my very well stocked sewing room, find some UFO's and start finishing - after all "Finished is better than perfect!" 
I started this Stain glass log cabin a couple of years ago. It is a pattern from Anne Ferguson of Quiltopia and was in a Quilters Companion Issue 26. The fabrics were from my stash and would be over 10 years old. Still to be quilted but am pleased with the it so far.

There are a few more projects that I will post in the following days. But for today I am up and running.........feeling the urge to go and sew now!