Thursday, 14 January 2016


Participating in the Finish Along 2016 and having a rather ambitious load of quilts to get through, I thought I would tidy my sewing room and in particular my cutting table. My cutting table is very large which is great except that it also becomes a dumping ground at times and can have several projects, books, patterns, piles of fabrics etc on it all at the same time I am working through the project of the moment.
The aim was to put away anything that wasn't on the list, tidy it all up so that I would be orderly and ready for major progress.
However I wasn't expecting to find a charm pack of Moda Bluebird Park hidden in the mess. I had long forgotten about this. I had cut a cardboard template for a tumbler and this was with the pack.
In March my niece is having a baby, so I put two and two together and ended up with the above little quilt in progress.......

I didn't quilt have enough in the charm pack but did find a couple of strays in my stash that fitted in perfectly. I have scoured the internet for metreage to complete a little border in the teal hedgehogs (se above and binding in the teal linen look Thankfully Fifi's Fabricology are able to supply me. Great online store with heaps on sale at the moment. I was good and stayed focused!!!
So a slight deviation from the plans but this was only a quick little project, back on track now - well until me package arrives....


  1. Very nice....but did the table get tidied????

    1. Table tidy and making progress on stars and nine patch quilt - slow progress but that is better than none.