Sunday, 17 January 2016

First finish

Yay! First finish is my little charm square quilt. Not sure how why or when I came across these charm squares, not really colours that I would normally choose to work with. Anyway just a quick little quilt that had been waiting for quilting. I was originally going to straight line quilt it then I realized that my rows weren't exactly straight. I saw this quilting pattern in the latest Simply Moderne
 magazine (50 shades of geese quilt) and thought I would give it a go. Although the quilting in the mag is obviously done on a longarm and is perfectly symmetrical and even, mine is alot more organic and a little wonky in spots and I chose to run the pattern on the diagonal instead of vertical. Considering I haven't quilted on my domestic machine for a couple of years I am happy with the pattern and the final finish. It does add a lovely texture and movement to an otherwise rather boring quilt.   For a close up of my quilting inspiration click HERE.

 Now that the animals have all checked it out and given their tick of approval it is safe to say I can move on to the next one!
A close up of my quilting 


  1. This quilt is beautiful and the quilting is gorgeous. I can't believe you did it on a domestic machine. Thank you for sharing it with the FAL community, on behalf of the FAL global hosts.

    1. Thanks Rhonda for your lovely comment.